Empowering Women


Artifact Advertising started as Artifact Graphic Design in the 90’s founded by Andy Taoushiani and two partner designers, Chris and Jason. I like to think that they kind of played around for five years before they hired Nereena and then myself, Lindy, and Sandy around 2000 and that’s when things really started getting serious with our first big account win being Wimpy BTL in 2001.

Leap Frog Campaign

Nearly 168 amphibian species have gone extinct in the last 20 years. These small creatures have been around since long before the dinosaurs came and went, but are now disappearing across the planet, including in South Africa.



Loeries 2017


This is the Loeries 2017 breakdown you’ve been waiting for. It’s the good, the bad and the ugly presented to you by Artifact!

Artifact South Africa

Artifact welcomes Dominos Pizza international team


With Domino’s Pizza joining the stable of Artifact clients, their team from Amsterdam came through to meet the new agency.

Tapping into how consumers react with Neuromarketing


For us here at Artifact Advertising, that includes getting your voice on one of Joburg’s hottest stations on the airwaves: Hot 91.9 FM. In amongst smooth RNB hits and classic rock ‘n roll tracks, one will find that Hot FM’s playground caters for more than just old school jams. Enter ‘The Business’ show with Astrid Ascar and Ian ‘F’ Fraser, a talk show on Monday nights that discusses all things branding and business