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Black Friday is a retail heavy day for most brands with most of them running specials, so we needed a mechanic to help us break through the clutter. We did this by creating dynamic and striking creative that stood out on people’s feeds, and would stop them scrolling and get them clicking on our deals. To ensure our Black Friday communications had the most chance of success and penetration, we treated the day like a full campaign, with teaser posts running a few days before the Friday, the deals being extended up until the Sunday, and an organic competition on the day to drive awareness and engagement.


Our competition creative was 2 fold. First we used upside down text to break through the feed clutter and grab the audience’s attention, then we made use of Facebook’s then new Live Photos to create a unique audience engagement experience. The competition itself was a simple screen shot mechanic, but with the focus on the deal price, it forced people to learn about Telkom’s offerings, thereby answering the awareness objective. Our completely organic competition post alone reached 33 408 on facebook and 55 786 impressions on Twitter.





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