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No one can say the Telkom brand doesn’t come with its own unique set of challenges, the most prevalent of which is getting the consumer audience to view them positively, especially in comparison to other telecoms. However, this challenge was compounded by the fact that as a mobile offering, we had a much smaller audience with much lower budgets. What we did have was a competitor PR disaster and a digital billboard at our disposal. It all started with a simple social media post designed to get our audience to share it with the caption “shots fired at Vodacom” because that means we’re essentially using their audience, brand presence and budget to do a job for Telkom, organically.


Luckily for us, due to some undisclosed error, Vodacom had just set the whole country’s data balance to 0 and people were already really, really mad about it. That meant we could get massive reach organically, no budget required. We went with a simple wanted poster for all that missing data, put it in red and then pasted a massive found stamp in blue over it for a subtle acquisition message and posted it. We never said a word about which competitor we were talking about, because everyone knew. Well, it performed so exceptionally in the first 24 hours client asked us for a redesign and put it on a digital billboard – making that reach just that much more massive. It even got us organic PR and mentions in publications like MyBoradband and Brands Being Rad on twitter.





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