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The quickademy campaign sought out to do a vital content marketing job for the brand but also a massive education job for the consumer in terms of providing them with rich, beneficial content that let them walk away with a new skill but also an entry into the competition for a BMW advanced driving course to the value of R15000 and other related prizes. We produced a high end video series with accompanying web articles, quiz questions and lead capturing forms.


We produced 10 standalone how to lesson videos with professional hosts and media personality Lunga Shabalala and 14 supporting how to articles based exclusively on the most commonly googled car questions around tyres batteries, shocks and brakes. The shoot included two days of full professional shooting we produced, organised, facilitated and finalised in house



In store flyers helped to spread the word about the campaign and increased the number of entries and fans to our Facebook page.


We supported the overall brand messaging and sales enablement with in-store point of sale print elements, franchisee communications and social media cutdowns. This required careful attention to detail and strong client relationship management when it came to satisfying and impressing supa quick as well as the tier 1 product suppliers we had to partner with throughout the campaign, as they all had their own logo and messaging guidelines that we had to integrate and be mindful of.

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