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It’s what your mouth was made for.

The South African flame grilled favourite Galito’s was on the hunt for a new look, a new ad agency and a brand-new awe-inspiring brand campaign. It’s safe to say we delivered, bringing in a fresh new look and a localised playful concept. The challenge was to create a look and feel and brand campaign that not only speaks the local inspiration of the brand but also appeals to their two very core target markets (which differed in both age and values) and of course, makes Galito’s stand out in the already highly entertaining grilled chicken brand space.


We decided to tap into those playful South Africanisms we all love and tie it back to the brand in order to start building that brand affinity and familiarity. The answer? Galito’s, it’s what your mouth was made for, because your mouth was meant to go “yoh!” with every bite. This allowed us to bring in colloquial expressions of delight and surprise and ultimately use a single campaign across the South African Market, UAE and Europe markets.

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