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The Fish and Chip Co. celebrated their 10th birthday this year and asked us to help create a brand awareness campaign communicating this as well as leveraging the recently discovered consumer insight: people don’t visit them for the fish, they come for those massive chip portions. We decided to capitalise on that newly coined, still relevant colloquialism “ISSALOT!”. We chose this because it not only resonated with the demographic of the brand’s consumer but because it spoke to the idea of volume and played on the existing tag of “It’s fresh, its hot, it’s a lot”. The ask here was to create a fun, engaging campaign that delivered both on the brand values and messaging, in this case the value and affordability, in line with a birthday celebration campaign that has major impact.


We wrote, scripted, and produced a full fish and chip co themed rap track & video that let us say everything we needed to say about the brand, took shots at our competitors in a couple of lines and deliver a deal all at the same time. And we loved every second of it. We partnered with an up and coming South African performer, Thula the Beat Boxer, who truly helped bring our concept, vision and energy we wanted to life.


This rolled out into radio, social media, menus and sales collateral as well as out of home and internal events. The activation included a live performance from the Beatboxer of the track and crowd interaction which we produced and covered for franchisees unable to attend.

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