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Saving the world isn’t an easy task but we like to do it one impactful press ad at the time. Our relationship with the Endangered Wildlife Trust encourages us to find creative yet impactful ways to communicate the dangers facing our wildlife. This includes full social media strategies and rollout as well as truly impressive press ads and outdoor billboards. The two campaigns below were designed to highlight the ever-increasing illegal wildlife trade and the unintended consequences of those cute cub petting activities respectively. All of our work is done pro-bono as is the media spend and has managed to afford us a few key acknowledgments in the press.


The ‘See the animal behind the commodity campaign’ ran across some massive media placements – most notably and impactfully in the OR Tambo International Airport. The creative used powerful, dark animal imagery which illustrated what they were used for in the illegal trade, seen in the prescription sticker on the pangolin to indicate the Chinese medicinal purposes these animals are killed for,

The ‘Killing me Softly campaign’ looked to raise awareness of the dangers of cub petting venues and activities as they very often result in them being sent to canned lion hunting facilities and killed. This ran across social media and various tactical outdoor sites and even prompted some cub petting organisations to complain about the effect the media had had on their business – giving us the immediate indication of the success of the campaign.

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