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There are ordinary advertising agencies, and then there is Artifact Advertising. Our esteemed Managing Director, Andy Taoushiani, brought to life an extraordinary graphic design studio back in 1994 – a dream that has flourished into a triumphant reality. Today, that initial vision has expanded into a fully integrated advertising agency in the heart of Johannesburg. Artifact offers an extensive array of top-notch communication platforms.

Here at Artifact, we go above and beyond mere fluff and empty promises – our unwavering focus lies in providing comprehensive marketing solutions. This has been our guiding principle from the moment we opened our doors, leading to a remarkable roster of over 20 satisfied clients spanning various industries (feel free to peruse our impressive portfolio here). No matter how humble your beginnings, when you dare to dream big, greatness is bound to happen.






highlight trophies highlight trophies
highlight trophieshighlight trophies
Disney Logo
  • Social media launch and management
    - Best category growth first year
  • World-class international website build and launch
    - Disney Healthy Living
  • Advantageous search engine positioning
Morso Logo
  • Brand and product awareness and sales growth from R3m turnover to R60m in 2015
  • Category growth that has now outgrown the traditional fireplace category
  • International standard brand image and showroom
    - now an European showcase
Datsun Logo
  • Digital and BTL agency to localise and re-launch international Datsun brand back into SA
  • Various digital innovations like dealership tablet sales app and Helios platform website launch
  • Localise and launch big international luxury car brand into SA on minimum budget.
  • Full 360 lead agency through all channels and media 1st agency worldwide to implement and launch the “Helios" web platform for lnfiniti
Nissan Logo 1


  • Addressing the brief of "how to make a car cool” - launched a 3 month long full 360 campaign that drove through social media and digital to a microsite and delivered phenomenal results online. This also included dealerships
Domino's Pizza Logo
  • Localise and launch biggest International pizza delivery brand into SA. Cl, strategy, communications and brand build localisation through all channels and media.
  • Assisted in the rapid launch of over 70 stores in year 1
  • Over 75000 Facebook fans and 12000 Twitter fans to date
Nissan Logo 2


  • 17287 entries
  • 7mil impressions
  • 1.64% engagement
Ster Kinekor Logo
  • New menu launch
    - 70% increase in sales
  • Social media launch and management
    - best in class results first 2 years
Supa Quick Logo
  • Relaunch and brand-shift of Supa Quick brand strategy and communications
  • Digital launch in 2014 (Quick Question) with results above industry standards
  • 2 digital Campaigns in 2015 with above average results. Sassy in the city campaign nominated for best strategy and best online competition in the New Generation Awards 2015
  • Post engagement rate was 5% - 3% above the industry average
  • Exceeded 15,000 likes, comments and shares which for a Facebook account of a similar size (community growth wise) is exceptional
  • Post engagement rate was 12% which far exceeded the industry average of 2%
  • Highly visible search engine positioning




Our latest collaboration with the NSA was born out of the school's need for a marketing support partner, to assist in the awareness and exposure of the school as the specialists in Design, Visual Art and Performing Arts Education in South Africa. Art, dance, drama and music are the four gates of admission to this prestigious, full-time high school.

Andy Taoushiani, the founder of Artifact, has a special interest in assisting the school to future greatness. Andy attended the NSA and his time there laid the foundation for his passion in Art and Design, which of course, later on led to the establishment of his company, Artifact. It is our privilege to partner this prestigious cornerstone of the Arts in our country that will produce many talented people in our industry in the future.

Sparrow Schools Logo

In the words of Nelson Mandela; "education is the most powerful tool you can use to change the world". Artifact has always had a philosophy of giving back or contributing to society even in its earliest days. In the early 2000's, Artifact saw an opportunity to really help make a difference with the partnership with Sparrow Schools by providing all the advertising support to assist the school in all its marketing needs.

Sparrow Schools and the FET College strive for excellence, well-being, and the capability to earn a livelihood in the lives of children and youth with learning difficulties. Their goal is to see that children and youth with barriers to learning are equipped with education and employable skills.
Artifact’s investment in this is driven by the fact that there is a positive and real outcome where learners who previously would have little hope can graduate with the ability and skills acquired to go out into mainstream society and get a job to earn a living.


Sparrow schools designs
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